Fred (David) Spencer is a native of West Portsmouth, Ohio and the son of Fred and Carol Spencer. Fred grew up playing and listening to Bluegrass Gospel and was heavily influenced by his parents, especially his late father Fred Spencer Sr.

His other influence was his uncle the late Roy Lee Centers who sang for Ralph Stanley, whom was well known in the local Bluegrass circles. Mr. Spencer also used his musical talents to work with the D.A.R.E. program in his home town.

In high school Fred begin playing the drums and this lead to the formation of a gospel band Altar Of Prayer with two other high school friends from 1987-89.

In 1989 Fred joined his mother, father and cousin Lennie Centers to form The Fred Spencer Bluegrass Gospel Band. He played bass guitar, sang lead and baritone and tenor. The band lasted until the death of Fred Jr’s father Fred Sr. but they amassed an eleven year career of touring gospel and bluegrass venues and played alongside long time friends The Isaacs.

From 2000-03 Fred Jr. was hired by the Country Music legend Jack Greene to play bass for his band and he played with Mr. Greene at the Grand Ole Opry on numerous occasions.

In 2004 Fred Jr. began touring with the Dalton Gang and this lead to a performance at the White House in Washington D.C..

Fred Jr. has amassed an impressive track record of playing with some of the most talented and well known Country Music artists. The list includes Stella Parton whom he toured and sang duets with at the WSM’s Midnight Jamboree and eventually became Stella’s band leader.

Also he’s opened for Billy Ray Cyrus, Ricky Skaggs, and performed with Julie Reeves, Larry Cordel, Melvin Goins, Mike Daniel, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flats, plus many more country and bluegrass artists.

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